Amanda Green

Amanda Green

Amanda Green and her family have been part of New Life First Baptist Church since late 2014. Amanda has been an active member of the church, serving in various capacities. She found her calling in children’s ministry and started by supporting vacation bible school and serving as a camp sponsor. Over time, Amanda took on more responsibilities, and eventually became the Children’s Director.

Amanda believes that children’s ministry is a vital part of a church’s mission to spread God’s love and teachings. She understands that children are the future of the church, and that investing in their spiritual growth and development is crucial. As the Children’s Director, Amanda is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and fun environment where children can learn about Jesus and grow in their faith.

One of Amanda’s goals is to ensure that children’s ministry is engaging and relevant to today’s children. She recognizes that to connect with children, it is important to use creative and interactive teaching methods. Amanda works closely with her team of volunteers to develop lessons and activities that are both age-appropriate and meaningful.

Another important aspect of Amanda’s role is to support parents in their role as spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. She believes that the church and parents should work together to provide a strong foundation of faith for children. Amanda regularly communicates with parents to provide resources and encouragement to help them in this important task.

Overall, Amanda is dedicated to making children’s ministry a vibrant and exciting part of New Life First Baptist Church. She is passionate about helping children grow in their relationship with Jesus and is committed to serving the families of the church in this important ministry.

Amanda has been happily married to Kyle since 2005, and together they have a lovely daughter named Camryn. When she’s not busy cheering at Camryn’s sporting events, Amanda enjoys crafting, cooking, spending quality time with her family, and taking care of her two beloved dogs.

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